Indian Wedding Catering Companies in UK

Wedding is a cultural extravaganza for every Indian, living in India or abroad. From the family of the bride or the groom to their friends, everyone participates in this auspicious occasion with equal vigour and gaiety. The charm of this occasion has given rise to a distinct wedding industry, which has been the prime reason for the prevalence of Indian wedding catering services across the globe. Think of one and there will be a downpour of offers from all over! No matter where you stay in UK; London or Midland, one can find exceptional Indian wedding catering service providers around the country.

Need For Wedding Catering Service

An Indian wedding is a fabulous celebration of family ties, where people from extended family, blood relations, friends and acquaintances are invited to participate. In this hectic world, when everyone has limited time, planning a wedding and taking care of the choices and needs of so many guests become a difficult affair. While there is so much to plan and so many guests to look after, many things often becomes messed up.

The first item on any wedding ceremony plan-list is food, which in more cases than not, defines the success of a gathering. For a crucial factor such as food, a lot of thought must be put well ahead of time and one must go that extra mile to find the best wedding catering service provider. Therefore, hiring a professional wedding caterer that fits your budget will be the real planning for the big day, apart from fulfilling other customs.

Selecting the Best Wedding Caterers in UK

Choosing one out of many professional wedding catering services to treat your guests is one of the vital steps in your wedding planning. Wedding caterer must fit in your budget and make the big day a royal event.

While selecting a catering service provider, you must keep in mind the menu to be served. You should keep in mind the taste of your guest and select a menu that serves the food matching their taste. Once you know the menu, you should look for the right wedding caterer in UK that holds expertise in catering the desired food items.

Identifying the best Indian wedding catering company in UK has become easier too. Today, many of the catering service providers have got themselves registered on the Internet. You can surf the Internet for making a choice; however, before finalizing one, you must visit the service provider personally to check on their claims on the net. Ask them to give some reference and if possible, check the credentials. Enquire about the food and beverages in which they claim to be experts. Also, do not forget to check the price they charge for their services along with how they consider VAT.

Professional Catering Staff
Another important point to consider while selecting an Indian wedding catering company is their staff. Ensure that the staff is professional and well-conversant with all. The catering staff should keep an eye on all the guests and ensure that all the guests are comfortable and well treated through out the gathering. They should be neatly and cleanly dressed while maintaining highest standards of hygiene and etiquettes of serving guests of all age groups. The staff should follow a common uniform code and should be prolific in their work and manner.

Selecting The Menu: Indian Wedding Catering in London
Indian wedding means a grand feast for all the guests. Indian food is famous for its taste and flavour all over the world. Your menu should have everything for everyone – from the old to the kids, from the moms to the dads, from the bride to the groom. A menu full of variety will be the perfect menu for a wedding gathering.

If it is a daytime wedding, breakfast and lunch should be a part of the menu, besides the regular snacks and drinks. For night weddings, one may consider appetiser along with drinks preceding a sumptuous dinner.

Cost-Effective Menu: Indian Wedding Catering in London
As Indian weddings are an extravagant affair, planning everything within budget is quite demanding. When you start planning for the catering services, the foremost thing that comes to the mind is the budget, which is the deciding factor in making your menu a really delightful one. Always plan a menu within your budget. You can plan a delectable menu no matter what the budget is. There are delicacies for every type of budget, and you can choose the best from among them.

Other Tips For Selecting An Indian Wedding Catering Service Provider

  • Apart from taking care of the menu, the wedding caterer should also be good at the hall and table, as cleanliness, decoration and right presentation of a good menu form the key elements of the feast.
  • Go for delicacies that can be preserved until your wedding day. Caterers usually start making preparations of the items on the menu at least one day before the wedding. Therefore, you must ensure that the items on the list are those that will not be spoilt overnight.  Professional catering service provider should have proper storage and carriage facilities, so that food remains fresh and intact and, of course, tantalizing.
  • If you are looking for a royal cocktail service or some enticing local cuisine, you should clearly direct your caterer in the beginning to take care of your choice so that there is no scope of any inconvenience in pampering your guests.  

So no matter where in UK you stay, be it London or Midlands, Indian wedding catering services can deliver exceptionally delectable dishes with the perfect blend of spices and presentation styles. The tantalising taste, the tempting aroma and the beautiful settings created by the caterers can leave even the most discerning of guest asking for more. However as there are many Indian wedding catering service providers in UK, one must take enough time to research and compare the different providers. Remember, food is central to most parties and especially Indian celebrations and therefore try not to neglect the taste and make an informed decision while picking an Indian wedding catering service provider.