Outside Catering Companies in UK

Every one loves to party and feast on delectable food without worrying about its procurement. As a host, you want to focus more on the complete atmosphere than just the food or the decorations; therefore it is best to hire outside catering companies to deliver a memorable experience and a party atmosphere that stays with the guests for a long time.

Outside catering companies can help the hosts plan the party, select the venue and arrange all the prerequisites with least effort to ensure that every occasion turns out to be a cherishable event.

What Are Outside Catering Companies?

Everyone likes their party to be an unforgettable experience for the guests. Outside catering companies ensure this by offering their expertise and experience in handling large gatherings and corresponding demand for food and other recreational items.
Outside catering companies provide perfect solution for organizing events and functions at the venue of choice and make every event a unique and cherished experience for the guests.  

What makes services of outside catering companies even more attractive is their flexibility to offer catering services anywhere. Be it a beach house or a lavish renaissance styled banquet, outside catering companies deliver exceptional food and catering services at the location of choice and this makes them an indispensable part of any party.

Why Do We Need Outside Catering Companies?

Apart from serving sumptuous meals to the guests, outside catering companies also creates a pleasant ambience for them. Through the nice environment and the alert approach of keeping the guests busy and comfortable, outside catering companies ensure that parties are remembered for long.

They expertise in food and handling huge gatherings also means that you as a host have a affable and efficient partner in the form of catering companies that share the responsibility of attending and serving to the guests with as much passion as a host would.

Benefits of outside catering companies:

Listed below are some of the advantages of outside catering companies which make them perfect choice for any occasion.

  • Unique experience: Outdoor parties are more enjoyable and pleasant than regular parties due to the open space and the feeling of vastness. Therefore, an outside catering company that caters in such environment delivers a unique experience to the guests who want more than just the good food. An outside catering company becomes the hosts partner in delivering a cherishable experience that reminds of delicious food and extraordinary settings.
  • Large options: Outside catering companies can handle bigger gatherings and provide greater options for hosting a party.  You can choose rural outskirts, landscaped gardens, lawns, parks or marquees for the reception of larger number of guests.
    • Boon for corporate: Outside catering has proved to be advantageous especially for corporate parties. Most of the official events have larger number of guests and they are better managed and served by outside catering companies in outdoor locations.
    • Beneficial for commercial and sports events: For commercial events like advertizing campaigns, concerts, dance shows, beauty contests etc. outside catering is perfect. Sport events and rallies are outdoor activities and have huge number of participants as well. An outside catering company therefore becomes the right choice for such gatherings as well.
    • For trade fairs: What would be the right choice if you are planning to organize an event in market and trade fairs? Well, the best options, again, are the outside catering companies that can handle such volumes with out any trouble and can assist the host in increasing their visibility in the corporate scene.

How To Choose The Right Outside Catering Company?

To choose the perfect outside catering company for managing an event, one needs to do a little research and homework.  Think about what your budget limitations are and what menu and variety of food items you desire. As outside catering companies can help in accessorizing the venues, one must spare a thought for what kind of theme and visual impact one desires from such parties.

Once you have identified your requirements, start comparing different catering companies on the basis of their expertise and other factors that define effectiveness such as:

  • The company must have a solid reputation of delivering good quality and fresh meals on time. The food should be freshly cooked and should offer value for money.
  • The supply chain and transport department of the company should be well managed and well equipped with smart and committed staff. There should be minimum delays.
  • The cooking team of the company should be well trained and skilled. Also the personnel should maintain the highest standards of food hygiene and nutritional standards.
  • The serving staff should be affable and warm. Food taste even better once it is served with passion and professionally.
  • The company should have experience of hosting successful private or corporate events. In order to ensure this, contact some of their previous customers and take their advice about their food and hospitality services, nature of serving staff and of course quality and taste of meals.
  • Check for the shops and merchants from where the catering service providers are procuring their raw materials and ingredients. You should ensure that the ingredients are fresh and hygienic. Dairy products and meat products should be carefully assed as they cause maximum digestive disorders.
  • Analyze their proposed menu. Will any of their preparation be made earlier and kept frozen till the event? Which dishes are prepared using canned ingredients? Ask such questions from the catering companies and make a smart choice.
  • Outside venues require attractive decoration too therefore check with the outside catering companies about their decoration arrangements. Look at some of their previous decorations and how well they stuck to the themes and the specifications given by their clients.

Keeping such things in mind, one can definitely identify the right outside catering companies for events spanning from birthday parties to anniversaries or even corporate get together. Ensure that you clear all questions regarding the payment structure as well and inquire about how these outside catering companies deal with VAT and other taxes.