Rhubarb Catering UK

With the modern lifestyle of social gatherings and ever frequent parties, the demand for good catering companies is on a roll. Corporate, celebrities or even a common man come across a point in time where they are supposed to arrange for parties and delectable food to please their guests. And when it comes to celebrities and especially the entertainment segment, parties get bigger, glamorous and fine tuned to the best of taste. A specialist catering company thus becomes a necessity for the entertainment sector parties and Rhubarb catering company scores pretty high in the circuit.

Rhubarb catering company has a huge clientele and an impressive experience of handling entertainment sector parties. Be it film premiers, audio releases, press conferences, music launches, and success parties, Rhubarb catering company delivers exceptional services for the luminaries and ‘who’s who’ of the industry.

Rhubabrb catering company is located in London and is almost 14 years old. The company is famous for hosting film premiers and celebrity weddings and parties. Apart from these events, rhubarb catering company also hosts events for weddings, corporate events and private parties.

History of Rhubarb Catering Company

Rhubarb catering was founded by Lucy Gemmel. The company started working by hosting small events and the founder Lucy Gemmel used her own household kitchen initially. But soon she realized that there was a need of expansion and within two years, the company was established with its own offices.  The next few years witnessed the dramatic success by the Rhubarb catering company. The company gained an impressive reputation of managing large scale events successfully.

The next milestone   in the development of the company was the year 2004 when the company shifted to its new location at Burr Road which is also their current office. This office of the company is quite magnificent and is built over 11,000 square feet.

Food services of rhubarb catering company:

Food is central to most social gatherings. Its taste, hygiene and presentation decide the mood of the event. A slight negligence in its preparation and presentation can spoil the fun and with celebrities involved with their high connoisseur-esque taste, even the smallest of mistakes can mar the fun. Rhubarb catering company takes care of such issues by following a few guiding principles such as:

  • Recruiting highly skilled and experienced chefs.
  • Taking care of the quality and freshness of ingredients they use in their food preparations.
  • Designing menus in the best ways possible and packing them with wide varieties and options.
  • Hiring exceptionally committed and diligent serving staff.

For Rhubarb catering company , food art is very important. They ensure delicious taste and follow nutritional standards while preparing their dishes.  In the same way, originality and excellence in their food presentation is visible too. The company offers great variety in main course items, Canapés, desserts and appetite whetting starters.

Rhubarb catering company understands the importance of drinks in your party. The company offers an extensive range of finest quality wines and champagnes to make every sip of your drink memorable.

Rhubarb has skilled bartenders who expertise in the art of mixology and are capable enough to serve great cocktails. Rhubarb catering company also takes care of the presentation styles and freshness of the ingredients used in cocktail shots.

Occasions Managed by Rhubarb Catering Company

Rhubarb expertise is catering in wedding parties, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and corporate events.  They also provide services for private affairs like Christenings and other ceremonies.

Rhubarb manages weddings in the way you dream of. Starting from venue decorated like a fairyland, lighting, artworks to the sumptuous food, everything is breathtaking for sure.  

Anniversaries are another are of specialization for Rhubarb catering company. Skilled team at rhubarb catering company works hard for giving the best services and making anniversary celebration an unforgettable event. Rhubarb catering company also designs thematic events to give the guests an unforgettable experience.  

Venues: Rhubarb Catering Company

The company is efficient at arranging the events anywhere as per your choice. The professionals also maintain an impressive list of venues that they suggest just in case if you assistance in finalizing the venues as well.

Rhubarb catering company can host your events on the rivers i.e. on the Silver Fleet boat where they provide vibrant river dining services. They also offer the option of organizing the events at one of most spectacular racecourse of London i.e. Royal Ascot Racing Club. Besides these venues, Rhubarb catering company provides quality dining services for private parties at Saatchi Gallery where they have 800 square foot beautiful dining area known as Gallery Mess. The venue can be used to arrange events for people ranging from ten to sixty.

Apart from these three venues  Rhubarb catering company is granted to operate in the topmost venues of London like the Banqueting House, Chelsea Physic Garden, Christie's South Kensington, Design Museum, the Foundling Museum, Kenwood House and many more.

For events outside London, Rhubarb catering company operates in a joint collaboration with Cottage caterers.

Achievements of Rhubarb Catering Company

  • In 2005, the business of rhubarb took a step further as the company started grabbing big business contracts. The company gained Royal Ascot Racing Club Contract in this year.
  • The company was awarded the Silver Fleet Contract in the year 2007.
  • Along with achieving fabulous success and contracts, the rhubarb company also developed its infrastructure at the same pace. The company purchased its new building in 2007 at Wimbledon built over 8000 square feet area. This building of company is used by rhubarb recruitment department now.
  • The company stepped into retail sector in the year 2008. This step of the company was accompanied with opening of rhubarb food bar in Heathrow
  • The next achievement of the company was the opening of rhubarb GALLERY MESS in the year 2009. This gallery mess is situated at the Saatchi Gallery and it is centre of attraction of the people because of its fabulous ambience.
  • Rhubarb catering company is associated with Olympic events too and it acted as a catering consultant in these events and educated chefs and hotels from all over the globe about delivering high quality and elegant food services.

Rhubarb catering company, therefore, ranks pretty high when it comes to celebrities’ parties and one can rely on them for taste, set up as well as punctuality.