Wedding Catering Companies in UK

The most important aspect of a wedding party, besides the exchange of vows, is the wedding feast that follows. Even though wedding catering service providers are available in plenty, the process of zeroing in on the right one is slightly complex and requires a lot of research. The two most important factors that define the kind of wedding catering services are the budget and individual preferences. Therefore identify your budget and preferences before searching for a wedding catering service.

Types of Wedding Catering Service Providers

There are many wedding catering services geared up to offer their services and expertise. There are small caterers providing food only while there are others who manage the entire marriage including food, decorations etc.

Typically, a wedding catering provider supervises the entire marriage events including services that begin with ceremony, food and finally the party. Such wedding catering service companies also have comprehensive packages on offer and are willing to customise their packages to match with the host’s specifications and requirements. It is important to ensure that the company has enough staff to carry out services offered by them. Many wedding catering services offer meals and bar service alone. Such businesses are usually individual businesses with smaller workforces.

Wedding catering is not an easy task and hence extreme caution should be exercised while searching for a reliable wedding catering service.

Wedding Catering Service Essentials to be Checked Out

Since wedding catering service providers take charge of the wedding feast planning, preparation and serving, they are very helpful while planning a wedding. A professional help can add that sheen to a wedding feast and that’s precisely what these catering companies do. The only issue that faces host is finding the right wedding catering service that suit needs and requirements.

Prior to searching for wedding catering services, it is important to know the type of food required for the wedding feast. Knowing the food can help you in narrowing down your search and thus save time as well as increase the prospects of finding the best catering companies experienced in delivering  food that you need. Besides the main course food, there are other refreshments as well such as snacks, tea, barbeque feast, etc. Therefore if one knows what is needed, searching becomes simpler.

The best place to begin the search for quality wedding catering services is your family and friends. Personal recommendations are reliable since they would be tried and tested. It is always better not to go for a new venture for marriages as the scope for mistakes is least in such events. The responsibility is huge and experience is a must for smooth and glitch-less completion of the events. Wedding directories are also good avenues to find wedding catering services.

Talk to all the short listed caterers about menu options and price range besides the complimentary services included. Check out their references and experience. It is best to ring up past clients and verify their testimonials in order to avoid problems in the future. Opt for a caterer who has profound experience in handling wedding feasts of large numbers and food of choice. Probe for the reliability and stability of the business as well. You don’t want  a wedding catering service provider to return you the money at the last minute on the basis of dissolved business.

Wedding Catering Service Particulars

Wedding menu is an important aspect of a wedding and hence the menu has to be decided keeping in mind the preferences of guests. Vegetarian options have to be provided for people who do not eat meat and such food replacements have to be offered for guests with dairy food specifics, food allergies, diabetics etc. Utmost care has to be taken while deciding on menu options. Moreover, the dishes selected should be taste-tested in order to avoid unpleasant surprises on the wedding day.

Good looking food need not taste good, thus sampling of food prior to agreement is absolutely necessary. Most wedding catering service providers offer free sample tasting of their menus.

The cutlery, crockery and linens are sometimes part of the catering deal, but if otherwise, they have to be arranged from outside. It is better to clarify these points so that last minute anxieties can be avoided.

Wedding wines also have to be attended to. A full service bar can be a good option but to make it more economical it would be wise to restrict number of drinks per guest. The choice of drinks could be beer of four or five types and red and white wine. Champagne is a must for all toasts. The champagne for wedding party is usually provided by catering services or reception halls.

Wedding catering service staffs should come early, lay the tables and place settings, serve food and later clear dishes, wash and tidy up. Therefore confirm whether catering service of choice would do the exercise and if this is going to be charged extra. Levels of service have to be clarified and tidying up is mandatory even if charged extra. Also ask for the arrangement for sodas, coffee, juices and water.

Confirm the staff guest ratio so as not to be stuck with three staff and three hundred guests. Check out overtime costs as well as about the uniform of the staff. Once all matters are clarified and explained, ensure that quote contains the breakdown of services so that transparency can be maintained and financially shaking surprises be avoided.

The contract should be signed only after a detailed examination of all clauses and costs mentioned thereof. Maintain records of advance payments made and keep receipts safe. Strike a balance between price and service for a good experience. It would be foolish to go for high priced dishes with minimal service, hence perform substantial research prior to making an informed decision for a smooth and happy wedding day. Remember that a good wedding feast is the best way to thank guests and good wedding catering service providers can help you do that.