Making the Perfect Wedding Catering Menu

Weddings are occasions of grandeur and celebrations. A lot of planning goes into making weddings successful. Everything, from the flowers to the cake, has to be perfect for a perfect wedding. Food plays a vital role in deciding satisfaction quotient of guests. Thus extra care should be taken while deciding the wedding catering menu.

Characteristics of a Wedding Catering Menu

Wedding catering menus should have a personality and some luxury in perfect combination to make it a good one. It is wise to remember that wedding catering menus are not restaurant menus and hence should be skilfully crafted and combined in a manner that most appeals to the guest it is intended for. It should highlight the selection that suits the occasion. The wedding catering menu should be diverse in presentation and style as well as be in congruence with region and flavour.

Managing Diverse Preferences on a Wedding Catering Menu

Next to exchanging of vows, wedding feast is the most important event of the day.  The huge assortments of people have different preferences of eating and this fact must be acknowledged and taken under consideration while picking the wedding catering menu. There would be vegetarians, people with special diary intake needs, diabetics, certain health restrictions like allergies etc. Therefore special focus must be reserved for all kinds of people and their preferences.

Even though, preparing a wedding catering menu that would offer choices for everyone is a daunting task, one must work on it to ensure that the guests have a memorable time and return home satisfied and happy. In such cases an experienced food catering company, though theirs skill and experience can help in finalising the wedding menu.

Finding a Good Wedding Catering Menu

Good food is the best way to appreciate the guests for having come to the wedding. Thus wedding catering menus must be exceptionally impressive yet stay affordable. The best way to find caterers suiting your needs and requirements is to enquire through a network of friends and family. Recommendations by way of known people would save a lot of trouble on background checking as well as increase reliability.

Try to check catering services recommended by reception hall coordinators as well. They would usually possess a list of catering services that is reliable and experienced.

Wedding catering menus should be taste tested prior to signing the catering contract with caterers. The taste testing episode can be used to decide on the dishes to be included in the wedding catering menu.  Keep track of prices and opt for moderately priced selections so as to remain within budget.

Wedding Catering Menu Ideas

Themed weddings and themed wedding catering menus are the latest on the wedding feast arena. A unique twist in a wedding can be offered by a seasonally themed menu. Thus a winter, spring, summer or fall menu can be opted for depending on when the wedding is.

  • Winter Menu – the menu is warm, inviting and romantic. The salads in the appetizer course can be replaced with warm soup in accordance with climate and if possible a squash based soup using local fresh produce. Entree can be roasted meats with mashed potatoes and fresh season vegetables. Side dishes should focus on comfort food such as macaroni and cheese, potatoes au gratin or baked beans. Warm cookies and bread puddings are ideal desserts.
  • Spring Menu –The feast can begin with an orange, arugula and fennel salad, followed by fresh asparagus as side dish. Asparagus can also be served in a soup. Main entree can comprise of any chicken or lamb dish culminating in a dessert of lemon meringue pie and lemon bars.
  • Summer Menu – summer is the wedding season and hence there are a wide variety of wedding catering menus to choose from. Appetizer can be salad of Caprese and heirloom tomatoes or Gatpacho paired with white wine. Main entree can be a barbecue style – ribs and pork chops or home style – fried chicken. Side dish of grilled eggplants or coleslaw would be perfect accompaniment to a summer menu that can end in a dessert of gelato, peach cobbler etc.
  • Fall Menu – changing colours and chilly crisp air makes fall weddings dramatic and so must the wedding menu too. Hence salads of goat cheese and spinach or cranberry and walnut would be ideal. Ham or turkey, Brussels sprouts, homemade casserole would be a perfect entree with pumpkin pie as the perfect desert for a fall menu in accordance with the Thanksgiving season.

Queries for the Caterer Regarding Wedding Catering Menu

There are certain aspects that have to be cleared prior to signing of wedding catering contract. Under normal circumstances, most of the food is pre-cooked many hours before the wedding; hence ensure that caterer is aware of sequence of events in order for prompt food service at the right time. Guests should not be kept waiting. Perfect coordination of sequence of events is absolutely necessary in order to avoid delays of any sort. Moreover, enquire about extra food which might be needed for unexpected guests as well as backup options with regard to food replacement choices.

Matters to Look into in a Wedding Catering Menu

Try and avoid ordering dishes which can cause stains, like pheasant in wine red sauce etc. Ensure that selection of dishes do not clash with wedding theme (if present) or interests and expectations of the guests (please! no burgers for guests expecting a formal dinner). Try and use fresh local seasonal produce since it would be better tasting, appropriate for season as well as good for the pocket. Wedding catering menus should be such that every course makes the guest smile and his mouth water. Choice of wedding wine is also of prime importance. Choose a wine which is not very heavy and can be paired with most of the dishes on the wedding menu. Happy and satisfied guests are the best reward for hard work and time spent in making the wedding feast a grand success. And once you see them walking out of the venue with smiles and senses satiated, you know that your hard work in selecting the wedding catering menu has worked well.